I started a business...

In the process of designing our new house concert show, my workflow process has sped up drastically through learning how to create short, intriguing animations. And as I produced them, I would email everyone the lyric video content that I've been making. Our 300-off email subscribers include a vast range of different people.

So quite by chance, or coincidence, or destiny - take your pick - the organiser of the KZN Bridal Fair messaged me to ask whether I would be interested in digital wedding invitations.

"Would you offer music, cartoon electronic invitations and thank you’s for weddings? That would be amazing!! And would fly… give it some thought, if you do something like that, instead of giving you an arbitrary space for you to promote your music we will set aside stand space for you – you will have to do a little set up but that would be amazing…"

Now, what do you say to something like that? I had been pondering the idea myself, but didn't have anything concrete in place. So the fact that someone else had a similar idea and vision meant the whole thing fast-tracked.

I asked those close to me what their thoughts were, if they had any ideas and show it should go about it. 

And would you believe, before long... I had a cool banner made for me by my mates at Sign Solutions, and thanks to my amazing wife:

I had this stall set up at the KZN Bridal Fair!  

The TV in the picture played my videos and some special, customised animations specifically for animations which act as wedding invitations. Basically, 'How We Met' stories which could be used as video material for online invites, Save-The-Dates or as part of the wedding reception.

It was incredible to see how many people walking by at the fair would frown at the screen, puzzling to figure out what this was all about, but you could literally see the penny drop on their face when they realised what it was. So many people burst into smiles or laughter and then walked over to chat some more.

There were also business owners coming to me and chatting about how to promote their business using this drawing technique... and today I finished the first draft for my first client! 

If you're interested in the wedding stuff or just to get an idea, check the video: http://youtu.be/wxtMRSgi5m0