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I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas!
Doesn't everyone?? Here's a fun little tune for mid-December.  Hope things are going well for all of you! Last week I published "I'll Be Home For Christmas" which was a slow ballad, on the serious side. But THIS video is the complete opposite lol! Hope you will enjoy my little animations. I found  the clipart on the internet and pieced it all together to try and make it fun. 

The Peter Hollens "December Song" contest is nearing the end for submissions. I think he won't anounce a winner until Dec. 21 or so. There have been lots of really good entries in the last week, and I feel myself slipping further and further away from any possibility of winning haha! But it was fun to do anyway. It's a beautful song, and Peter Hollens is pretty awesome so I'll take any chance to cover a tune of his!

My group project has been pushed off until January. Which is probably a good thing because the message of the tune will work perfectly with the start of a new year!

I do have one more group collaboration (for Christmas!) coming soon - a Latin piece "Hodie Christus" sung as a quintet. I am only a participant, not involved with audio or video editing. I've heard the audio so far and it's pretty sweet! And I think the video is going to be super awesome, way beyond anything I know how to do with video. :) Can't wait to show you guys!!!

Blessings to you all!


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