I Was Not There (a duet with William Kentridge)

I saw an inspiring lecture by Kentridge this weekend at The Castle as part of Humanities Improvised which Reza Khota and I also performed at earlier in the week. At one point in Kentridge's presentation he is trying to draw a rhino. Or perhaps he is even drawing one. Another Kentridge walks in and starts to look on. Then to comment. They even argue. the first Kentridge even takes the advice of the second one. 

Then this morning, in this video he has a conversation with himself. 

This is a conversation anybody who plays or draws or does anything peripheral to the great human project of making money, is probably familiar with. 

I thought of calling the Bach album "Trying to Draw a Rhino" in reference to the fact that when we play Bach, this most sublime of musics, we have to tune out, or invite in, a million voices. 

Hope you enjoy the recording.