I will post more I promise : An Update

Hey guys, 

I was without internet for a while, which came in the way of a bunch of things and updates, and I was planning on prepping a few things for you before the weekend, but had to postpone it because the world falls apart when the internet dies and I was struggling to survive.  :p

Here's a little update so you know what's coming soon : 

★ I will be starting my Hollow painting next week, and will be updating you with wips and process pictures as I go along! 

★ I have been doing a bunch of anatomy studying lately, for which I do a lot of sketches and note taking, and although those will be included in my monthly sketchbook PDF in April, would you be interested in having them as individual files on a more regular basis, like weekly, or something?

They are not super organised, but I know that I enjoy those kinds of things a lot in other artists, so if that's something you'd like too, let me know. 

★ I am planning on doing a few series in the style of my gouache hands and skulls again, with hands and hearts this time, so expect a bunch of sketches to come your way soonish, with potentially a few polls to help me choose which concepts should go to painting! :)

★  I will be going home to France for a couple of weeks mid-April and will work on finalizing my hands tutorial. 

★ I will also take some pictures as I plan on going for a few walks in the mountains once home, so if any of those come out nicely, would you like to be able to get them as free reference images?

★ I will have access to a bunch of my old art when I'm home, would you find it entertaining to see a few close-ups of that? I was even weirder as a kid than I am now, haha

★ I have started a #paintmemyri event on my Instagram, and wanted to let you guys know that if you wanted me to paint you, your submission would get precedence over non-patrons, so don't hesitate to send me your photo if you wanted to give this a go! Also, friendly reminder that should a $20 patron get their portrait painted and like it, they can get it sent to them in the post. :) [Submit them at [email protected]}

★ Would you be interested in reading about the kind of things I like to listen to/watch/do for the week or month? What I'm reading, the music I'm listening to, the podcasts and audiobooks I love, the youtube channels I've discovered...etc...I could do a monthly or bi-monthly posts about those type of things?


What you will get in the next few weeks :

➤  More process pictures and wips

➤  More sketches and polls to decide which I should paint

Would you be interested in also seeing (let me know in the comments) : 

➤  Messy anatomy studies and notes

➤  Royalty-free downloadable references images

➤  My weird old art

➤  Posts about my favourites TV-shows, podcasts, youtube channels...etc...of the week/month on occasion


When April rolls round, you will be charged for the first time.

That means that :

➽ I will be able to get the sticker made (which was overwhelmingly chosen as Baby Pink)

➽ I will pick a winner for each giveaway prize (1 sticker, one 5x7 print and one 8x11 print)

➽ I will post the downloadable line-art 

➽ Hopefully I will have finished my hands tutorial...hopefully.....I usually try to be as thorough as possible, so tutorials can take me a little time to put together, sorry about that. 

➽ I will put together the real-time video of one of my studies or small paintings (subject to a vote from my $20 patrons)

Phew. Sorry, that was a long one!

But I think that's all for the moment, I hope you're well, love you all, and I'll see you after the week end (I'm going to a wedding and wearing the fanciest dress I've ever bought. Wish me luck.)