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I Won't Forget About You - love song embryo
Hey cookies and wookies! I've been fiddling with synth patches in the evening, this week. Today was the ultimate test: Does it sound good with vocals? So I made a song sketch embryo. And I think it sounded much better than I had hoped, so I'm sharing it with you. If you like it, download it and play it for the crush you had in play school ;-) I hope you like it. ø------------ - - - - - - - - Technical info: Analog Keys: Bass, melodic loops Analog Rytm: Rhythm and filtered piano chords (Both recorded on one track.) Continuum: Slide harp solo (Harp patch) Voice recorded with a Røde NT3, through Ultra Voice Pro (only using preamp), and through a T.C. Electronic Triple-C multiband compressor. A bit of Logic Pro X compression on the vocals. Some high shelf lift on the master EQ, and a slight levels boost with an Adaptive Limiter on the master.

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