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Pico's School is a point and click game created by Tom Fulp in 1999. Made in Flash, it was also the first game to feature Pico, who has since become one of Newgrounds's mascots. It was inspired by school shootings such as Columbine.


Pico is in class learning about apples and bananas when a goth student named Cassandra kills everyone in the classroom, leaving only Pico alive. Pico escapes the classroom, grabs an assault rifle from the janitor's closet, and then sets out to take back the school by killing Cassandra and her minions. Along the way, he battles Alucard, a kid with telekinetic powers, Hanzou, a ninja with a pair of night-vision goggles, and Cyclops, a pink mohawked punk with a gun, and finally Cassandra herself, who turns out to be an alien from another world.

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