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ЯMP - Ep 100: Release Candidate (with @acedtect and @scottjohnson)

Tom Merritt (@acedtect) and Scott Johnson (@scottjohnson) stop by to pull us out of beta...


Show notes:

  • Cubs won, Amos and Scott survived, and Tom managed to relax
  • Does Sean Bean finish the Civilization VI narration
  • Scott is a TSA aficionado while Tom found convenience in a hybrid tablet
  • Scott has WestWorld theories
  • Amos researched colleges while Kent explored the new DCTV iOS app
  • TED Talks:
    • James Lyne: Everyday cybercrime -- and what you can do about it
    • Wanis Kabbaj: What a driverless world could look like
  • We discuss the difficulties of podcasting, the decision to do it full-time, and how even a single-mic show isn't a single-person effort
  • Feedback: Ken Ammi reviewed episode b45: "Throw away show" - "Sad that this is such a typical podcast: 90% is like overhearing potty mouthed people chatting (making me think why I am listening to this) and 5% something in the news and 5% vague discussion about the news item. Utter waste of time."
  • Tom and Scott decide our eligibility for full release
  • Nerdtacular 2017 will occur June 29, 30 and July 1 2017 at the Snowbird Resort in Salt Lake City, Utah

Next Week: Patrick Beja (@notpatrick) of

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