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ЯMP - Ep b99: Overrated...and Probably Iranian

Justin Robert Young (@JustinRYoung) witnesses a perfect intro...

20 minutes late and followed by a horrendous closing.

Show notes:

  • Amos had more router troubles
  • Civilization VI is pretty damn good, even if the Best Buy folks can't find it
  • The US Military may have the wrong idea about marijuana
  • San Francisco and Oakland are very different
  • Amos is doing podcasts wrong...which is really no surprise
  • Doctor Who is just as divisive now as ever, and Kent wants to dive into it now that he's found a starting point
  • Is sexual assault in VR a real thing?
  • Is Vince McMahon in leagues with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?
  • Amos is frying a turkey each weekend until Thanksgiving
  • JuRYLibs!

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