All these wasted tears. All this wasted time. And now I realize, though I was yours, you were never mine. You made me feel like I could fly, and that our time would never cease. Candy words dripping straight, from the lips of the beast. But now it's clear you never meant, a single word you said. And used those promises, to lease this space inside my head. So now I count the days, since last I saw your eyes. As I weed through memories, to burn down all your lies. And waves of time, will wash away these shores of love. What you hold hold true below, I'll hold true above. If paper flesh of God, is what you truly need, then commence the hunt, my darling, while I stand here and bleed. I imagine a future, where I struggle to remember your face. And I put behind me, this chapter of disgrace. And I manage a smile, as I plummet to the ground, when I come to notice, that you're nowhere around. Though we made them together, now I know why you chose wax, to construct those pretty wings, you placed upon my back. Then you said, "Fly, my dear. Fly up to the sun." When you knew all along, my wings would come undone.