The Ice-Cream Girl
First published on Facebook, 14/10/2014


She came up to me as I sat at the long table in the middle of the food mall. I’d been sitting there alone for over an hour, sometimes checking my smart phone, sometimes just idly scanning the people around.

Whenever a good looking woman walked by I’d think to myself, “She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”, and then she would pass on and I’d feel that very familiar sense of abandonment.

Perhaps she had watched me for a time, I am not sure, I had not really noticed her, and suddenly she was standing by my side and saying “Hello, I saw you sitting here and wondered if you would care to pass the time of day”.

I looked up and thought to myself “Oh, she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”, but what I said was, “Sure, I’ve got nothing else to do."

She sat down in the seat next to me and seemed to be waiting for me to begin the conversation. I like that in a woman. I like it very much, so I purposefully waited quite a few seconds longer than I was normally comfortable with, to find out if perhaps she was just getting ready to verbally pounce, and seeing her just sitting there with the tips of her fingers joined as if in prayer, and her eyes softly focused on mine, and her slight smile indicating a welcome I had not experienced for quite some time, I suddenly had the startling thought, “Perhaps she is the one”, and I smiled at her in return and then I began.

“Do you know, not so many people have time for me. Thank you for saying hello."

She nodded her head slightly and seemed to wait for me to develop my theme. Again came the thought, “Oh! She must be the one!” So I took a deep breath and said to her, “What made you want to sit down with me?"

She opened her lips as if to speak and then closed them again as if thinking again about what she had been going to say. She turned her head and looked around at the food stalls. Then she turned back to me, smiled again and said, “You look like a man who might buy a girl an ice-cream"

When I came back from the ice-cream stall with a double header mango-choco-banana, I presented it to her as if it were an engagement ring, and she took it from my hands as if I were the only man on earth, and very very slowly she began to lick.

I thought to myself, "There's nothing better than watching a woman lick an ice cream cone. God has been favorable to me."

I watched her silently for 5 minutes while she licked that cone back to its base, and all the while she held me in her gaze with her softly challenging eyes.

It was all I could do to hold back from calling out, "Yes! We get married today!"

As she finished the ice-cream cone her attention landed on my rotund belly. Her smile became a little more mischievous. It began to dawn on me that the ice-cream line was just a ploy... this Beautiful Woman just wanted my body. My mind began to go blank and I heard myself whispering...." Yes, take me, I'm yours”.

I heard her come back with, "Sorry, what did you say?", so I repeated, "Did you enjoy the ice-cream?" ....

… She moved her hand ever so slightly towards mine and said, "I enjoyed it; it was the most beautiful ice-cream I've ever eaten."

I felt a thrill in my belly. She seemed to have noticed it and said quietly, "This is not just all happening out of chance you know. We are destined, and now we are beginning to find each other as has been fore-planned."

I began to feel confused. Normally I am the one to come on so mystical and intense. I looked down at her hands and again they were inching towards mine.

I thought to myself, "Seems like I have met my match".