Ice Cream Time
ICE Cream time

I noticed plenty of people comparing  these, because of the ice power and the Ultimate attacks. I view it as Capcom people giving their game more mass appeal. This isn't a new thing. One of the things I liked about C.Viper was she was KoF inspired as well. Every main stage Fighter has character(s) based off another existing game. I enjoy when I see it cause it offers me something familiar from other games I played. 

I was going to draw them both fighting but I ended up drawing Kolin vs Dhalsim.(you can check it out on my Instagram circle.) I even planed on Kula using her ice blast from the air. (She can use this in KOF XI, Unfortunately she can't use this in KOF XIV.) I chose Dhalsim because of the contrast of elements.

Also I got to give a shout-out to a Kula cosplayer I follow, @aokoumori . She also cosplays other fightinggame characters. (Look her up)

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