hi everyone! hope you're all well and  happy!  I'd like to say welcome to my newest Patrons Inge Greis and Heather Hitchman, thank you both so much! Also, Heather has her own Patreon, do take a look here

All of the request commissions have been sent out and some of you have already received special rewards. I hope you all like them. It took me a little longer than usual, as you know I've been very busy with the Kickstarter and I have to say things are still quite hectic. I'm now neck deep in working on a workshop for the Iceland residency with Light Grey Art Lab. A life long dream, visiting Iceland will become a reality next week. So I'm working on that as well as packing and deciding what art supplies to take with me on this epic journey to the land of the Huldufólk. I can't wait! I expect to get a lot of inspiration from it.

A moment
Aside from all of this I'm taking a little breather, I've been dealing with some problems with my right arm due to stress and sitting behind the computer a lot during the Kickstarter. It has left it's mark and i'm trying to make sure this does not become something worse. 

I'll be sure to post about Iceland, pictures are to be posted!!!! and I'll share with you my adventures in search of the Huldufólk.

Stay happy and awesome!

oh and before I forget... I'll be picking a lucky person for this months gift this weekend!!!!! So yay! there's that