Iconic Character Preview: Ragnhild the Axewife
This week and the next two off-weeks (weeks with no draft chapter post) I'll be sharing previews of Sword, Axe, Spear, & Shield's iconic characters.  These posts will be free to backers and available to the public.

The first of three iconic characters illustrated by the extremely talented Kiri Leonard.  Ragnhild is a merchant's daughter from the prosperous Nordsfolk kingdom of Fjordsdal, raised on stories of adventure, exploration, and plunder.  Strong as a bear, Ragnhild can wield her two-handed axe to ruinous effect, hewing through shield, mail, and bone alike.

Walking the paths of the Berserker and the Shield Thegn, Ragnhild is well suited to the front line of any combat.  As a Berserker, unnerving her opponents and capitalizing on their fear come as naturally as drawing breath.  Shield Thegns, as their name might imply, are paragons of the defensive arts, serving as the staunch protectors of their fellows and warding them from harm.  Combining the two paths, Ragnhild can capitalize on her enemy's fear as much for defense as offense, channeling shaken spirits into fatal hesitation.