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Icy Bun


A/N:A little crosshares, written because I’m upset about my dog dying and can’t focus

on comms.


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Velvet stepped through the door to the "master" bedroom, shivering up a storm and barely resisting the urge to sneeze.

It was the first winter since she and Coco had graduated and moved in together, and she was sorely missing the wonderful soup Yatsuhashi  had always made when the temperature had started to dip into the negatives. 

She'd had a truly miserable week, with the beginnings of a cold starting to form, and record-breaking low temperatures, and more than a bit of much-hated resentment building up against Coco, for the appalling crime of actually liking the cold weather.

So, in an attempt to escape from it all, she'd decided to take a blisteringly hot shower, letting the water pound down on her until she couldn't even remember what being cold had been like...

Though she was reminded far sooner than she'd have liked, when the hot water started gradually getting colder.

She'd just cursed under her breath and switched it off entirely, mentally berating... well, basically everyone who'd had a hand in building the house.

The central heating wasn't good enough? Whoever put it in must have been slacking off. 

The house sucked at keeping in heat? Whoever had put in the insulation must have been using the cheap kind.

The water didn't stay warm long enough for her liking? The water... heating.. guy, must have...

She shook her head derisively, breaking that train of thought like so many grimm bones as she headed back to the room.


Velvet stepped through the door to the "master" bedroom, shivering up a storm and barely resisting the urge to sneeze.

She flopped down onto the bed, pulling the cover around her and preparing to watch some tv... 
Until she realized the remote was not in it's usual spot on Coco's nightstand, instead sitting against the opposite wall.

For a moment, she wonders how it got over there... and then a memory surfaces in her mind, Coco's foot lashing out during one of their... private moments, kicking the remote off the nightstand and making some interesting noises as Velvet continued-

She shook her head, blushing a bit and being thankful for the warmth it brought to her otherwise freezing body...

Even as she muttered several curses under her breath and left the safety and relative warmth of her blanket cocoon to retrieve the remote.

She'd finally settled down to watch a bit of trashy television when the door swung open, revealing Coco, the once and future fashion queen of Beacon and greater Vale, in all her regalia.

"Regalia"  in this case meaning a sports bra and biking shorts, as she'd just finished working out.

Velvet sneezed softly, her usual enjoyment of the view hampered by the almost physical chill that seeped into her bones. 

Coco looked her way, shot her one of her cocky grins... and flopped on top of her, wrapping her arms around her and nuzzling into her stomach.

Velvet wanted to chew her out for clacking their knees together in her flop and for not showering before deciding to cuddle, but she was too busy enjoying the heat radiating off of Coco's body. 

"Babe..." Coco said, sitting up with the rarely seen goofy grin she only had when she was incredibly tired. "You're cold."

Velvet just sighs and pulls her close, rolling her eyes a bit.


Half an hour, three bathroom breaks, no less than five position changes and far too much bad television later, Velvet is almost warm, leaning back into Coco's chest and watching some ridiculous cartoon that she definitely didn't know every character's name and backstory in.

Coco, for her part, is barely paying attention to the show, instead running her hands through Velvet's hair, oohing and aahing as she always does about how soft it is and sneaking tiny kisses in on whatever parts of her lover she could reach without moving too much.

She plants a quick kiss at the back of an ear as she scratches the base of the other one, and Velvet gives a low sigh, leaning back against her that much more.

"Feeling a bit warmer, babe~?"  Coco whispers directly into an ear, giving a bit of toned muscle a squeeze, and Velvet grabs her hand, giving it a slow squeeze of her own.

"I love you." She whispers, leaning back and intertwining  their fingers. 

Coco sighs a bit, but the warm love welling up inside of her quells any disappointment at the clear 'Not now, hon' signals.

She gives Velvet a quick peck on the cheek, murmuring a soft "I love you too."

And the day goes on, the cold all but forgotten in the warm embrace of a lover.

And all is well.