I'd love to do public Q&A's about DRIVE
From time to time, I'd love to do public Q&A's about DRIVE. So! If you ever have a question, e-mail it to [email protected] ---------------------------------- Here's the first question, from "Chris St.J": QUESTION: Hi, Dave! I've been a longtime fan of DRIVE since the start. I was looking at the rules for your new contest, thinking about a possible entry, & my brain started wandering into the whole of the universe you've established, &...well, I may have found a glitch. Or perhaps an as-yet-unstated implied element. So! The entirety of La Familia's power (& the direct-lineage Cruz family in particular) is the secret of the ring drive; no one else has it, which is why we have the Drive Corps & lads like our 'Nando in it. But there has from time to time been mention made of civilian ships & commercial trade, which gets me wondering...how? No ship is EVER going to leave port without a qualified engineer on board who can repair everything; by necessity, that would include the ring. But only Familia can access it. There's only two ways I can see this working. Either (A) all private merchants, from a big freighter to the smallest Han Solo & Malcolm Reynolds types are unable to legally operate without a contract/license from Indústriaglobo, who provides a Corps engineer for their use, or (B) said ships can be privately run, but they're forced to embark a Drive Corps engineer to run things as part of their official paperwork & the like. Either way, the eyes of Cruz are always watching & illegal/shady activities are most likely curtailed (unless you get someone like Fernando, which is probably rare, & there's probably always an Orla-type aboard anyway). Of course, none of this precludes some shady operator torturing the information out of their Corps rep & then spacing them into silence. Something tells me I'm not the first to think of this, or to mention it to you, but even still it's a sign of a thought-out world that a person can even think about such things. At any rate, keep up the wonderful work & the great story! ANSWER: It's a super good question! Short answer is: The civilian, merchant marine, and sometimes even military fleets have to take the chance and leap the ship without Drive Corps engineers on board. 9 times out of 10 they won't break down, so it's not a big deal. And even when the drive is working perfectly, it's "working" behind sealed doors that the crew themselves can't access. They do roll the dice any time they travel without Drive Corps engineers, though. It's not unlike shipping companies that send cargo-truck drivers across the Mojave desert: It's unlikely they'll break down, but if they do, it's not catastrophic. It just means they wait in uncomfortable conditions for "repairmen" (Drive Corps) to arrive. As for shady shipping: There's all sorts of ways to ship contraband and people on officially licensed ships and cargo carriers...so stuff slips through, even in legal channels. And of course, smaller ships can file false flight papers. Hope that answers your question! Dave
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