The Idea Behind the Study Hall Digest
Half my time as a freelancer is spent looking for work – scrolling through editors' Twitter feeds, looking at MediaBistro, Journalism Jobs, et al for part-time work, hitting up editors and friends, and reading media gossip and news, trying to ascertain where the industry is headed and how I fit into its future.

We at Study Hall, a coworking collective for nonfiction creators, decided it would be much easier to do all that collectively – to share information about publications, get feedback on our pitches and work, highlight interesting events, share contacts and information about publications not paying (or paying well), etc. The idea is to take what we already do at our physical space and open it up to freelancers everywhere. 

If you sign up, you'll get access to the listserv, a weekly newsletter, plus access to our private workshops and events in Brooklyn.

The 20+ members of Study Hall, all accomplished freelancers, are already members of the listserv. 

We're charging $4 a month for this because it will require a lot of labor on our part – maintaining the listserv, scouting for jobs and opportunities, writing a weekly digest, planning events and workshops. We think it's worth it to support this collective system, and try to make freelancing a little bit more manageable for everyone.

Check out a sample of the weekly newsletter here:

See more and sign up here: 

Hope to see you on the listserv.

-Peter Moskowitz, Study Hall co-founder

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