The Idea Box-There's more in there than you can imagine...
This is my idea box.

All my sketches on scrap paper, receipts, napkins, what have you, go into this box.I've come to the realization,"I need a bigger box...or I need to finish what's inside before I can add more..."

But you know what?It never stops gaining more and more paper. It starts overflowing onto the floor, crowding my desk, filling my pockets and purse. They're everywhere.

The ideas never stop. And I can't start...Do you know how frustrating that is?

I'm sure some people think they do and compare it to having chores or to-do's that go unfinished. Drives them nuts never finding the time to finish that one project.

Well, it's like that, but I think you're missing something.Ideas don't stick around unless you pin them down, focus on them, and bring them to life.

 Before someone else does...

Ideas want to be alive and here, but it's impossible for them without the willing hands to create them. If the one they choose to show themselves to ignores them.They go to someone who will embrace them.

I don't want these lovely ideas to go away, I want to embrace them all.That's why they go in a box, because maybe, if they have the promise that I will see to them and give them a home, they won't try to find someone else. 

The box is the home for my ideas.I need to expand that home soon...