Idea Of Adding Cameras To Air Planes As A Possible Third "Black Box"
I've had an idea this morning. I wonder if air planes could be equipped with a series of cameras and a third "black box" created to store their images. I am thinking in terms of an investigative tool. Some cameras would be inside the plane; others would be facing outward.

Documentaries I've seen which had images of an accident helped investigators. Why not make this as a tool going forward?

I've been especially interested in the MH370 investigation. I sincerely feel for the people who don't have a place to go and mourn the death of friends, colleagues and family members. I am interested in air travel being as safe as possible. As changes are made to improve air travel history tells us some accidents occur in situations which weren't predicted. I don't want to create panic. I am simply interested in seeing air travel be as safe as possible.