An idea right before sleep
I've been thinking about the album cover for These fleeting moments. The last few months, my idea has vaguely involved a figure curled up within the body of a broken acoustic upright double bass. But do you know what those things cost?!? $999 or more! I can't buy one to destroy it. Yesterday. I was texting with my model pal about the idea; the cost has been blocking me from moving forwards. Then, right before I fell asleep last night, it occurred to me! Make the bass out of paper mâché ! Of course, why not!?! I can paint it to look realistic. And anyway, it's about the shape, not the sound quality.

This would make a good Oblique Strategies card:

What's a completely different version of the same idea?

I've had my brilliant idea for the day. 

Now I can take the rest of the morning off! : )