Idea: Shadows of OZ
This is an Ideas post. If you dig what you see here, go use it, make something with it, etc. If you want to give me feedback, that's very welcome. This idea might be something I eventually develop, or it might not. Enjoy it for what it is.

When I was younger, I used to explore my grandparents' house. My grandfather ran a business selling sheet music by post. There was an entire room filled with stacks and stacks of old sheet music, books, and comics. There was also a room with a line of novels, carefully tended to. At the time, the only thing I knew about The Wizard of OZ was the movie. When I found out there were books... well. I had to ask my grandmother's permission to read them, and then promise to take care of them.

Those books were amazing. And let me tell you this: the land of OZ is fucked up weird.

Those books have stuck with me. Almost literally. When my grandmother passed, my family gave me the nearly complete set of the 1956 printing that I had found in that house. It was incomplete because I had loaned The Wizard of OZ to someone I barely knew, and they never returned it. Later, my family hunted down a copy of that printing and gave it to me to re-complete the set.

This idea is an update of the land of OZ, reimagining it as a single city through, say, the lens of Frank Miller. OZ via Sin City.

- The Emerald Nightclub where people spray temporary colorant on their eyes to see everything in shades of green

- The Yellow Brick Road as a clandestine network of drug trafficking through the city

- The Tin Woodsman, Nick Chopper, as a half-mechanical crafter of weapons and armaments

- The Flying Monkeys as the eyes-in-the-sky information network, their services able to be bought now that the Witch of the West is gone

That sort of thing. 

My initial thought is to use the Fate drift found in the Demon Hunters RPG. Or maybe as a setting hack for Nior World (coming sometime soon-ish from John Adamus).

However it would shake out, OZ is a rich setting full of public domain content to use and rework. I definitely want to do something with this someday.