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Identity First Language vs. Person First Language

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I am doing this a little differently this time as I am learning better how Patreon handles things.  So what I am going to do in the future is keep anything which gets posted to Patreon as pretty much straight text with very little (ie. next to none) formatting, and if I need more formatting I will post in a place where that formatting is much easier to accomplish, and where it is much less likely that it will get entirely messed up and either need to be "coded wrong" or "allowed to be displayed in a confusing manner".

This is the third Patreon supported post.  It is not as well constructed as many of the posts I have made in the past as it seems that right now a lot of what I want to write is rather personal, and works well (at this time) as being poorly structured, simply to get the ideas down and out there.  

So, what do I speak of.  These are very personal thoughts about what I think about identity-first vs. person-first language.  I feel that this post (the one linked above) is perhaps a little confusing as it states mostly "it depends".  And a lot of ideas in it are not well developed in the post itself.  

This is where you come in...  What would you like me to expand on, and develop further in this topic?  

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