Ideologies: What Is Equality?
Some people mistake equality as in everybody gets the same support and the same tools, kind of like that "This is equality this is justice" picture on the internet where each person watching the baseball game got one box to stand on to look over the fence, even though the smallest child with one box still wasn't tall enough to look over the fence. They describe justice as the person who doesn't need the box giving it to the smallest child so that the child can now watch the game. This isn't a very accurate way to describe equality. 

The intent of equality is to give people the same or similar opportunities and outcomes, whether that be in social matters, or based off necessities. So in terms of the child not being tall enough to see over the fence with equality would be giving the child the same opportunity to watch the game as the others by giving him another box to stand on. The part that was equal about it was giving everyone the ability to watch the game, and not the giving of the same tools to each person. If someone didn't need the box to comfortably watch the game, why would they need it? 

Just like if you were to feed 2 different people with different weight and size and age. A 180 pound man will not eat the same as an 80 pound child. The equality term would be they both get the same equal opportunity to not feel hungry by giving them the calories needed to sustain. 

Some people would explain this as equity, which has multiple debates already between equity and equality. But the definition of equality includes the term opportunity so I stand by the concept of equality as long as it is understood and explained correctly. 

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