It is certain: In a few days I’m able to show all of us the situation of the refugees in Idomeni. And once again I will give direct help, because there will be not only my owns things in my luggage.

Why Idomeni? Isn’t it the most called border crossing (Greek-Macedonia) in the mainstream press? In the past I tried to not follow the diktat of the hype. But that should not be a cause of waste to visit a place where people are living, feeling and suffer.

Once again I will talk to people and document their very own fate. Where the main focus will be forced on drama, masses and hysteria I want to show you individuals, families and children.

In addition I will take a look over the border. I will travel through the scenes around Idomeni and talk to refugees.

My beloved friends from the NGO „Heimatstern“ are giving me a huge amount of medical equipment and relief, that I will commit to a hospital near the border.

There where refugees should be aided always will be a lack of essential medical things.

I’m very curios about the time and I will keep you up to date with pictures and words.

Important: If you find my work be good and right, you’re able to help me with some money. Thank you so much for your belief!