If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again!
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This week I have page 37 of Isle of Elsi taped to my drawing board, and the first panel has really been giving me some trouble!  It's got a tricky cut-away view of a well that has some weird perspective going on, as well as a fairly complicated gesture drawing of Sally and Rex working the crank.

Here you can see my series of attempts to solve this drawing problem.  The first attempt was based off of my rough script sketch, which looked pretty good, but the perspective was academically incorrect (the vertical poles "twist" a bit as they come down).  My second attempt was academically correct, but instinctually didn't look right. My third attempt looked instinctually right, but again, was clashing with the perspective established by the top of the well.  

I finally decided to go back to my original layout idea, and had the brainwave that if I rotated the front post out over the area that was sectioned off, the poles wouldn't "twist" anymore!  Problem solved... but then I didn't like how Rex and Sally were positioned (Sally butting up against the panel border, Rex's face completely obscured).  So I rotated the crank a bit more and redrew them.

In the last "panel" above you can see how many attempts I made to get these characters in place.  This is why cartoonists use Bristol board!  All that erasing would have quickly torn through a regular piece of paper, and believe it or not, ink will still flow evenly over this mess.

Let's hope the rest of this page goes a bit more smoothly.  Have a good weekend, everyone!