If Tardigrades did Synchronized Swimming
If tardigrades did synchronized swimming they wouldn't even need water- for at least 120 years. That is the age of a tardigrade found on an artifact that came back to life after being rehydrated. 

Tardigrades also known Water Bears are famous for their incredible survival skills thanks to the ability to dehydrate and break up and then reuse their own DNA when conditions improve.  Water Bears can survive freezing, boiling water, drought and even the vacuum of space - which has earned them the reputation of nature's tiniest and toughest critters

How tiny? Water Bears are less than 1.5mm long and have existed on our planet for longer than we have- and will likely outlive us thanks to its acquired  DNA.  That's the DNA can break apart and then reform when needed. It sounds like something out of a scifi movie but this super-recharging power is very down to earth. Speaking of down to earth, a good place to look for water bears (with a microscope)  is in mossy areas of your yard.

Here is an excellent resource page if you'd like to learn more about these amazing little life forms.

If tardigrades did synchronized swimming I bet they would be very good at it! They have had plenty of time to plan their routine.

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