If Workers Take Power:
If Workers Take Power:

- Instead of the small class of capitalists controlling society, we can make our own decisions about work and social life. 

- Instead of some of us being forced to work too many hours while others are unable to find a job at all, the work can be divided so everyone works a reasonable amount.

- Instead of competing against one another for scarce jobs, everyone can do meaningful and useful work that contributes to society.

- Instead of capitalists pitting us against each other by fostering racism, sexism, nationalism and other forms of oppressive ideologies, we can unite for the common good.

- Instead of the fruits of our labor enriching the few while the majority is kept in poverty, it can be distributed to provide food, shelter, medical care, household goods, education and recreation for everyone.

- Instead of destroying the environment for higher profits, we can implement sustainable ways to meet the needs of humanity and the planet.

- Instead of sacrificing our safety and health to cut costs, our well-being will be prioritized.

- Instead of half of the world’s food being wasted because it’s not profitable to sell it, we can eliminate hunger.

- Instead of being forced to wage wars of conquest for capitalists, the workers of the world can cooperate in peace.

Workers already provide all the goods and services for society. The global working class can decide together what we need, and how it is produced and distributed. Power is in our hands – if we organize, rise up and take it!

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