If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get ANIMAL PRODUCTS Out of the Kitchen
That's the topic of Lee Hall's presentation set for the 3rd Annual Vegstock Vegan Festival.

Hurricane Harvey’s unfolding tragedy is connected to climate change—which is, in turn, connected to animal agribusiness in a very big way. Equipped with the facts, let’s encourage people to stop eating like there’s no tomorrow or they could be right.

Is climate awareness an authentic element of vegan advocacy, though?

Yes, squarely. Without a well-functioning atmosphere, advocating for habitat preservation and animal liberation is spitting into the wind. Climate crisis is an urgent subject for everyone to discuss, but this “inconvenient truth” has never been adequately addressed by policy devoid of a vegan perspective.

Date:  September 9, 2017
Venue: Glasstown Arts District, Millville, NJ

Seeking Activists ·  Artists  · Authors  · Doctors  · Dietitians  · Musicians Cooks  · Chefs ·  Farmers  · Foodies  · Gardeners  · Growers  · Healers  · Thinkers   ·  Speakers   ·  Students & Teachers for the Vegstock Vegan Festival. And folks to spread the word. 

Thank you, patrons. Directly on account of your sponsorship, Lee will take one day off September's weekend retail work schedule and do animal-climate advocacy. It means the world. . .