As always sorry for any grammar errors as I am a dropout lol

This Month has been very hectic for me my friends I almost went homeless this month. Darkness attacked me heavily this month. Thing’s I didn’t foresee happened, people I thought would help did not. A few of the true did help me during this month & you people with the other people did not have to care.

But you did and I am very thankful a small select few of you care when I am in dire situations.

To keep this Long & Sweet this month the company with my 2nd channel the Slog Channel notified me they will not be paying me for TWO MONTHS! Because they said they paid me overage the last month therefore for the next two months I will be at a loss of income.

By the time I was notified of this event I had already spent all my money on my bills! No money for gas, food or ANYTHING ELSE! Looked like the videos I had planned were not going to be able to be done this month.

Until some fans, Friends, Uncle, & Generals who truly cared about the Nation helped me. Because of those people I was able to perform my videos the way I wanted!

I meet my new Camera Man Nathan who seemed down for the mission of shooting wild videos with me.


Everything was in place UNTIL I called Nathan to perform the first week’s videos & HE BAILED! Saying he was invited to the SXSW festival & COULD NOT SHOOT AN ENTIRE WEEK’S WORTH OF VIDEOS! I WAS SO UPSET! I had SO MANY ideas that needed a cameraman to shoot the way I see it in my head.

I let it slide tell him enjoy his WEEK at the festival. This ruined all the videos I had scheduled that week, NOT a good look at all! After the week past I contacted my cameraman again saying I need him to shoot some challenges with me and Sefus. I told him two days in advance he confirmed it with me, I text him the day of the shoot & Guess what? NATHAN tells me he had a death in the family. VERY bad & to be quite honest idk if he was being 100% truthful with me.

THIS RUINED the entire plan I had set out this month.

I said fuck it and I would shoot the challenges ALONE with Sefus NOT the way I foreseen the videos to be shot. I pick up Sefus we go to shoot the car wash challenge & MY CAMERA BEFORE SHOOTING STARTS SPARKING & POPPING!

I had that camera for 9 years & day of shoot its going HAYWIRE! We had to shoot the challenge go home Shoot another challenge too! The entire time the camera is sparking popping & sizzling!

This is my Last camera ALL my other cameras are in the pawn shop (I had to pawn the cameras one year ago to stay afloat because of the lies by fullscreen about my payments in Jan&Feb.)

I had an idea to take the sparking camera to the pawnshop and sell it then buy back one of my previously pawned cameras. VERY SLIM chance of them even TAKING the camera because of it sparking & popping every time I turned it on.

Me & Sefus went to the pawn shop, Upon entering the Pawn shop I am hit with the fact that ALL my pawn shop employee friends has left the pawn shop. NOW the pawn shop is full of new EMPLOYEES who doesn’t know me nor care about me like the previous employees the previous manager of the pawn shop even watches my dcigs channel.

I give this new young lady my camera and asked if I could receive 150 bux after selling the camera I will then buy back one of my pawned cameras that is 150 bux as well.

The lady gonna LOOK me in the face and tell me the highest she can offer is 100 bux.

I say madam the other cameras I am STILL paying on per month has lower quality then this camera I am trying to sell you and I got 125 bux for those cameras each. THIS camera is better than those cameras.

She gonna look me in the eyes and say “SORRY THAT’S THE BEST WE CAN DO!”

I say excuse me ma’am when Craig was the Manager he allowed me to pawn my items and whatever I wanted that was fair he did for me.



A young man walks up to me HEY AREN'T YOU DCIGS? I say hell yea bro and you gonna see an Angry black man at this pawn shop right now, cuz these people don’t know who I am!

After the young man noticed me another New Pawn Employee walks up and takes my SPARKING camera then opens it I GASP because I was worried it was gonna start popping & sparking again like it was doing the entire DAY! But the camera DID NOT SPARK OR MAKE ANY POPPING SOUNDS!

I was so shocked! The man & Female Pawn employees Start looking at the camera TOGETHER AGAIN! Still no popping or SPARKING! I truly think God helped me because the man then offered to take the sparking camera for the 150 dollars ONLY if I buy back one of my pawned cameras which I originally wanted to do.

He did the deal and guess what guys? IT CAME OUT TO 158 bux to get one of my pawned cameras back. I ONLY had about 20 bux left at this time and had to go to a store to get the remaining 8 bux WHICH I BARELY HAD!

I get the money come back that Male pawn employee gonna tell me, DON’T BE RUDE to the other workers. I SAID EXCUSE ME SIR? I started arguing with the MALE WORKER NOW! How dare you say I am being rude or disrespectful sir I been coming here for FIVE YEARS! Never had an argument with ANYONE in five years! Now all these new employees come and all of a sudden I am being disrespectful? AFTER the woman was being rude to me talking to me in a standoffish ATTITUDE?! Telling me CRAIG AIN'T HERE!!!

Y’all I get so mad but then I shut up get my older pawned camera back go home. Now you think it’s over?


I go home and I have a copyright on my Rihanna work roast review from WARNER BROS MUSIC GROUP! Saying I used some of the song in my review A DAMN LIE!

I THEN DO A DISPUTE which I will have to wait 30 days but at this time I wouldn’t be paid my over 150 BUX for that video! SO SO STRESSFUL! But I worked that out & cannot detail to you how as of yet.

To make this very long Siggy Blog shorter I will have to revise this patreon which I did not want to do as of yet but now I have too. And the reason why? THERE is many reasons what I just listed to you is the BARE MINIMUM of issues I recently have faced this month. To list them all to you, to prepare you for the Slog explanation tomorrow.

My older sister who I haven’t spoken to in 7 years finally contacts me again & WE MEET!




I got offered a full trip to LA TO MEET WITH YOUTUBE STAFF!




I get offered over 100 bux or more per cast contract to livestream on YouNow



So now you guys know more than anyone else until tomorrow’s Slog in which I will go into further detail about these events.

To be quite honest it hurts my feelings not just the YouTube issues but my life issues. I am trying VERY HARD to have fun and interact and pursue my dream. And it hurts me I have to revise this patreon when I don’t feel it is the correct time in HOPES of surviving longer so I can pursue my dream. PEOPLE tell me get a regular job THIS IS MY JOB THIS IS MY ENTIRE LIFE, People tell me to GIVE UP! Folk making fun of me whenever I post on Dcigs saying YOUR CHANNEL DEAD!

After the promises I made to my grandmother on her death bed, after all the videos I did for you guys & for me too, after all those dreams, visions, and times I was right out of the clear blue sky. THIS YEAR HAS STARTED OFF IN GREAT PAIN FOR ME!

But still I have hope! I have FAITH! And I will continue until the end with minimal help no help or all the help. THIS ISN’T MY CHOICE I’d rather kill myself to be quite honest. But I wont not because I want to prove anyone wrong or hurt anyone when I achieve success (if I do) but I will not kill myself because this world needs one person to fight against the darkness and I am that person.

If I fail then I very may will die and ill handle that situation when if I fail. Truly thanx for reading If anyone did read and godbless you all.

We Judge it In the End.