Ignorant & Disingenuous Pushback Against Reparations

2019 Glyph Comics Award Nominee (BEST COMIC STRIP OR WEBCOMIC)! 

The usual pushback I receive against the fight for Reparations comes in two main forms:

  • "I Don't Need It" - This one comes from ADOS and reflects their penchant for believing what diabolical white racists say until they take on their own form of that same anti-Black rhetoric. They're basically saying that because they are doing well in life financially, that they don't need the "free handouts from the government" that white people convinced them Reparations actually are. That's NOT what Reparations are and anyone sounding like that comes across as gullible and stupid. If you are a multi-millionaire and someone crashes their car into your Rolls Royce, would you refuse the insurance payout because you technically "don't need it?" That's how damn stupid ADOS sound when they say they don't need Reparations. Or how about this analogy: Your great, great grandfather had his horse carriage crashed into, and after a ridiculously long legal battle, the case was finally decided in your ancestor's favor. Would you, as a multi-millionaire, refuse the justice payout because you don't need it? Seriously, that's a weird flex; stop talking that way. It's ignorant.

  • "Blacks Just Want a Free Handout" - This one isn't even real. Most often expressed by the white racist, it is a disingenuous comment since white people have indeed paid out reparations before to wronged folk and know EXACTLY what reparatory justice means. They know it has nothing to do with "free handout," they just want Black people to shut up about it so they're saying whatever to see what sticks to the wall. Don't take their rhetoric seriously because it is not serious. This is the area where the Black Economic Boycott needs to be dropped on their heads like a hammer, then I guarantee they will snap to and get 100% serious, listening intently to every word you say.  


MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.  

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