Here’s Iitha’s ref! I’ve actually had her since Splatoon 1 came out, but I finally finished her ref, after so many attempts. %’D I never did show what she looked like before Sploon 2 came out, so I added that in with the ref.

she’s basically my squidsona! She’s a really big Hightide fan, and is dying for their next album to come out. Other than liking Hightide, she also likes hanging out with her friends, exploring, and learning about humans.

Her favourite battle mode is Rainmaker and her main weapon is the Splash O Matic. She also uses the Slosher Deco and Carbon Roller Deco too. Unlike most Inklings who turn into a full Inkling at 14, Iitha became a full inkling at 13! Though she was able to play turf wars, she waited a whole year until her cousin Inka was a full inkling to play turf wars. They gotta play together. 

She has a half brother named Takko, a mom is named Fsera, a (biological) dad named Gorpod, and a step dad named… uh (I don’t think he HAS a name). In addition to being interested in the humans and what they were like, she’s also interested in the Octarians and what their culture is like. 

At the Inkopolis Plaza tower, she’s currently at Level 37 and her rank is a B+. At the Inkopolis Square tower, her level and ranks are… unknown. She’s currently 16 years old and her birthdate is July 9, 14,001. Her favourite bands other than Hightide are Squid Squad and Wet Floor.