Ilgram: The Lesser Demon King
Before Samrick, Kellwood had a different Demon King, and his name was Ilgram. The Demon Kings came to power after the fall of the "Magus Kahn" and ruled over Kellwood as series of fiefdoms controlled by petty lordlings. Ilgram inherited that legacy. However, his whole life was derailed when Samrick unexpectedly overthrew him. Ilgram fled from the Demon Kingdom and went far to the South to his ancestral home Eshanival. From this ancient fortress he spent years working dark magic and planning to retake Kellwood. His greatest accomplishment was the creation of his own race of Sprites during the War of Four Summers in a bid to reclaim the Fae kingdoms. However as time passed, Ilgram grew old and Samrick remained ever one step ahead. Ilgram eventually found that the Kellwood of the old Demon Kings was gone and the new one, following strange human trends, was not to his liking. Ilgram finally made peace with Samrick, secured his place in Kellwood and decided to enjoy the massive wealth in the vaults of Eshanival, now known as the Lesser Demon Kingdom, which incidentally now lays East of the Major Demon Kingdom! He has even passed the day to day rule of his Kingdom to his daughter Ro, and spends his time in the royal libraries crafting a detailed and definitive history of Kellwood forest.