I'll be seeing Netza School Student Jose Manuel again...after nearly 10 years!
So pleased to be heading back to Zihuatanejo later this week where I'll get to meet and interview former Netza primary school student achievers like Jose Manuel Dorantes Apolonio.  (I'll also get a better "today" photo!) Here he is (left) with his US high school sponsor David Heins of Colorado, in January, 2017.  I orchestrated the reunion from Seattle via Face Book messaging when I found Jose Manuel on Face Book and I knew David was in ZIH on vacation.  They were just reunited after too many years.  Jose Manuel completed college, and is working as a food engineer helping create new uses of local fruits like coconut and mango. He promises me a tour of the factory. How cool it that! 

THANKS to my Patrons (on this site, and personal) who are helping make this upcoming ZIH and San Miguel de Allende Writers Conference trip possible, and my on-going book project happen. Together, we are telling an amazing story.