"I'll Be Your After School Special"
"I'll Be Your After School Special" This enraged me for a few reasons. One...What exactly did this guy think of me to assume I would not just be okay with this, but think I would be impressed and want in? And two...That word alone boils my blood, thinking about it happening to anyone, much less someone I knew, or cared personally for boils my blood, but to actually declare intent like that? That Irish blood, that "Wolf" blood, and that Aspie rage almost had this guy in a stretcher. Side note: 1. When I ruined them, he yelled at me because they were "expensive." 2. Bad idea. 3. After I terrorized him, he claimed they were just "drugs." 4. ...Don't care... 5. Don't forget to support PATREON.COM/IRISHWOLFPRODUCTIONS (additional note: This was in college. I had met him before, and he was notorious for bragging about his sexual exploits. The only reason I didn't knock him unconscious was that he was also a known liar, and I knew I could keep tabs on him. Also, he was reported to the "nerd group" we both frequented which was...pretty much everyone he knew.