I'll Follow the Sun 15 Secs!
Tony on the Ukelele with I'll Follow the Sun
Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per Song/Vid
1 patron
  • Access to my Patreon-only stream/page where I announce gigs, post new vids, put my drawings up, my ideas/inventions and whatever else that is current in my head! Be the first to see, reply and suggest!!!
Pledge $5 or more per Song/Vid
2 patrons
Same as the 1 dollar deal but...
  • An MP3 of the song on every new video I come out with!
Pledge $10 or more per Song/Vid
0 patrons
Same as the 1+5 dollar deal but...
  • I follow you on twitter and Facebook and suggest to my friends to follow you. 
  • You get first dibs on concert tickets!  

Pledge $50 or more per Song/Vid
0 patrons
Same as the 1-10 dollar deal but...
  • Get a PDF signed picture of the thumbnail in the new video on YouTube that you can use as a screen saver, your desktop wall paper or...you could print it on your own printer and hang it on your wall! Imagine the collection you could get! 
  • Get my input on ANY project your working on; photoshop , inventions, videos, art concepts, books, songwriting, recording... Ask me... I got ideas that come from nowhere!!!
    • Better yet as long as your a Patreon of mine you can ask my input at ANYTIME! You don't have to wait for my next video to come out!

Pledge $100 or more per Song/Vid
0 of 10 patrons
Same as the 1- 50 dollar deal but..
  • Get a one time PDF download of my 80 page Photoshop instruction book which includes video tutorials and images...I'll email it to you!  
    • Here's the cool part; We can email each other and communicate for an hour about any help you need with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Digital Performer, YouTubing, Guitar, Videos...? So, every time I put out a new video/song you get another hour of tutoring!
Pledge $500 or more per Song/Vid
0 of 5 patrons
Same as the 1-100 dollar deal but...
  • I come to your house and give you a private 45 minute house concert to you and your friends.  Must be between L.A. and San Diego. Unless of course you wanna fly me to wherever you are! 
    •  I'll show up at your place for a concert every month!!!  You'll hear new songs that I'm working on that no-one has heard yet.

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