I'll just leave this here..
Just to be clear.. All of you guys will be supporting my main channel only via Patreon. This second channel will hopefully be a cash cow/slush fund.. whatever you want to call it, to try to get more revenue flowing. As much as I'd LOVE to get to a point where I could upload more frequently while maintaining consistence.. It's simply not possible with my editing workflow when filming motovlogs. The new channel will have more frequent & shorter uploads without the super editing you've come to expect from my main channel. In short... I want to avoid  uploading "shit content" to the AdjrianNickelodeon channel. I have every expectation that the new channel will be of the highest order of cancerous clickbait content available on the internet featuring yours truly. lol

Jump in! Let's see how far we can get down the proverbial rabbit hole.

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