Illness and the past week
Over the last two weeks I had to have some pre-recorded videos uploaded and ready to go on youtube, this meant I have had some time to spend with my parents who came to visit last week.

My plan was to record a bulk session of Factorio and Software inc. This week. But on the day I was taking my parents to the airport I became sick. What some might call the summer flu.  I was just about bed ridden for 3 days last week, except I had agreed to do some driving and other helping out with people over the week. (my recording plans went out the window. No voice or at least very croaky.)

If anyone noticed there may have been a day where no video has been uploaded this week, 386 days without break and then illness causes me to miss 1 episode.  What happened was that I had pre-uploaded a bundle of episodes, worked out that they would last untill X, then went and laid down / slept.  I forgot the number of days I had uploaded for and forgot to edit / render more videos ready.  This resulted in me checking a couple of days later to find I missed 1 entire day already. (edited and uploaded 2 episodes asap.)
I am still currently not perfectly ok.  But Luckily I had the videos recorded ready for editing this time. :) I still have a few videos ready for editing,  my plan was to have a load of videos ready for uploading before I made plans for changes.  My changes are going to be new game recordings added in around the playthrough series. (bonus videos).  Games I might not play much of but will be different from Just factorio / software inc.