Illography Week Five

The week where it snowed.

The snow has gone now, but whilst it was here it looked pretty, and my puppy Nel was living her best life prancing about in the garden looking for anything under the surface of the fluffy white stuff. And as usual, Nel found all of the holes in the garden perimeter, again.

It was also my first A&E visit as a result of this ME. Severe gut distress (aka severe diarrhoea followed by ten days of severe constipation, nausea, migraines, body pain, and sleep reduction). It was not a happy time, but is it for anyone who ends up in the hospital? Unless you're being born, that is.

Whilst week five has been and gone, I'm still recovering from the gut issues, mostly calmed for now, but I'm also down to 60kg. That's 8kg evaporated between last summer and now. Keeping my head occupied is a business in itself, thankfully I have a pleasing view (through netted curtains) of the world outside. The world I rarely get to, so these illogs really do liven up my environment.

With the arrival of February also means the arrival of the Six Nations rugby! In this household we are descendants/occupants of six nations—Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, England and Germany. Even though my allegiances could lie with any of these, it's Wales I am supporting. Cymru am byth!

Yvie x

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