Illuminated reminder WIP
Not how I had planned to spend my evening but how it has eventuated... this was a note I jotted to myself while on the phone to my mum a few days before I got my wisdom teeth out. I never seem to remember which is which is for what so I had kept the scrap of paper on my desk (where else would I put it without losing it?) 

Then today I got word that I have at least one more paid botanical plate to paint for the endemic species book I contributed to last year (Hurrah for another nibble at that apple!) and suddenly I had a jar of fresh foliage and the necessity to clear my desk so I could setup my drafting table tomorrow to work up the basics of the composition. 

Shuffling the various horizontal filing systems around I refound my painkillers reminder and thought "If I sank time into illuminating this I would certainly remember it..." I jotted a note on the scrap - I put it on another pile- I went to taekwondo, came home saw the note and thought "well why not start that now?" ... its midnight and I am putting the pencil down.

tomorrow will be a day of drawing cassinia and perhaps on the weekend I will return to my illumination - but gee it feels good to just start something out of the blue. Once this one is done I will return to and finish "The Poison Tree" calligraphy piece.

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