The Illusion of Time & Distance
The unexpected rain bounces off of itself in chaotic swirls outside the 14th floor window of the Ritz Carlton, while the Summer evening sun shines on downtown Atlanta. I stare out, transported to another dimension. What a strange time. Mercury retrograde, difficult for new beginnings. Everything must be so super clear. Time is speeding up, they say. It still hurts when others don't see me. Does the collective consciousness, or whatever lies beyond what the eyes can see, feel the same kind of pain when it is not seen? I am rocking back and forth within myself. I've been rocking for days. It's surreal, this experience. So many things in my life feel outside of what is commonly accepted as reality. How do I even know if I'm sane? Checking the ego. No one is alone in this. The cycle keeps turning. Poem ©2006, Photo ©2014 Tenaya Cleveland. All Rights Reserved.
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