[ illustration project: THE GOBLIN MARKET 01 ]
For a while now, I've muttered to myself about how much I'd love to illustrate Christina Rossetti's poem, THE GOBLIN MARKET, and I finally sat down and figured out how I want to tackle the project.

In my art, my interests are split between comics, illustration & sketches, and I find that whenever I get exhausted working in one area, I simply need to change tracks to one of my other foci for a bit and I'll get my mojo back.  So this will be the illustration project that I will work on when I am exhausted in comics or sketches.

I don't have a timeline for this thing; I'll work on it when I can.  Similar to what I'm doing with OXYGEN BURN, I will post the pages only to this Patreon until I finish the project.  After that, I plan to sell it, both digitally & in print.

WOO, another thing for you guys!  I hope that you enjoy this project.  It's mostly just an excuse for me to draw pretty things.  <3