I'm about to make a potentially stupid decision...
Quitting my job as a waiter. I know, this decision could potentially mess a lot of things up. But I'll be honest - I've been lying to myself and I've been lying to the people around me. I pretend that everything is okay and that I'm enjoying my job when really, all I ever wanted to do was leave from the start.

But I keep getting comments about how I sound "sad" or "depressed" or "angry" in my videos and then I proceed to tell them that I was just tired, or I was trying to keep my voice down - even though that wasn't true.

I just didn't want to be ""that guy"" who complains about petty problems that really - in the grand scheme of things - are actually things I should be grateful for. I'm lucky to have a reliable job. And I really hate the fact that I don't want to be there - because I know that it's selfish and that other people would actually kill to have a job like mine.

But it's time to leave. Money isn't what matters. What matters is that I can live my life and enjoy every second of it.