I'm actually launching this now
I made that video quite a while ago and never launched the Patreon, so fuck it, here goes.

The graphics and stuff are completely different now.  The version in that video was a playable-by-not-very-well-done version of the game.  I've spent the last few months redoing the whole engine, rendering system, etc.  The version shown in the intro video shows the gameplay, and served as a very nice prototype to make sure the game would be fun, and now I'm working on the "actual" game.  I've done a level editor, animation editor, particle editor, a proper rendering system, etc etc.  It's still my goal to get people playing ASAP, but rather than playing a prototype, playing the real game.

Be sure to watch the streams at twitch.tv/sssmcgrath, and support the development of the game here.