After the con, I packed up and started to drive home but there was a massive snowstorm! What usually takes 45 mins to drive took about 4 hours! There were a ton of accidents and I almost got in one too. There were strong winds, hit a patch of snow and lost control of the car. Narrowly missed other cars on the highway, spun out, dodged a wall/ the fence in front of it, missed a sign and managed to get back on the shoulder of the highway. Ugh. Just thankful to have missed all that! Drove a bit longer before finding a place to stay in Parish, NY. Woke up early and drove SOOOOO slowly but made it home. The storm was pretty bad today too but at least I could see! Ugh it was SO dark last night. Back home safe and sound. I'm going to take it easy tonight but I miss you all and thinking of you my Undead Darlings!!!
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