I'm back!
I'm back from Gotland. I had a fantastic week with my mom, we did a lot of yoga and meditation, and also had time to explore amazing nature, second hand shops, the medieval market, see a concert and a fire show in an old church ruin, saw about three hundred bunnies, and a lot of cool fossils on the beaches, visited a stone church from the 12th century, petted a couple of sheep...

Feels a little weird but also so good to be back home. ^^
I did also find some stuff for the yule goat project... :D I'll make another post about that soon.

I have posted a lot of photos on Instagram Stories, and yesterday I also posted some photos from the medieval market at Instagram:

I will probably be posting more from Gotland on Instagram, but I have also made this gallery with some nature photos - more will be added soon...
Go here for nature pics.

And, now that I'm back, the Etsy shop is now OPEN again! ^^