Hello all. I've been neglecting this site but I feel that its time I get back into things. If you've followed me before you know that I stopped accepting payments as I wasn't doing much modding. Well that has changed. I'm back and in full force. I've been working very hard with another modder and we are rapidly creating new things that I think you'll love. As a patreon, you are going to have access to early builds and maybe even to the Jenkins site. This means you can download the most updated possible builds. On a final note. Normally, I wouldn't even bother having this back up again but I'm between jobs and even one extra meal a month is helpful. Its really not much but sometimes its just nice. I put so much work into creating fun mods for all of you and in my current financial condition every bit helps. I'm not asking for money. Don't get me wrong that is the absolute last thing I want. There is no way I would ever want someone to think I want them to give me money. I wouldn't be modding if it was for the money trust me. If I got paid for the amount of work I do as I would a normal job, I'd be doing fine. Unfortunately that is not the case. Look forward to new content and I'll try even harder to make those of you who do show support that I appreciate it. I'll make sure its worth it.
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