Hello Patreon! Did you miss me? I'm sorry I fell off the map there. :/ There were some headlights, and I got kinda skittish. I keep asking for more time, and taking it regardless of whether or not you want to give it to me. Oh well. The only person I'll harm is myself.

Ha. Ha.

What were those headlights? AMAZON. Seriously. After I got off the high of hitting publish on my first Amazon title, I realized I was cornering a non-existent market. I wanted readers, but I was forcing them to pay for my work before actually reading it. That's like promising someone that there is absolutely, 100 percent, for sure no poison in that tea I just made. *sluuuurp* Yep. No poison. Promise.

So I introverted. 'Cause I'm an introvert. But I think I found my calling! And that calling is... dun dun dun dun... Wattpad!

If you don't know what Wattpad is, don't worry. It's just another site to host your writing, free of charge. I can publish my stuff there, and hand out exclusives here. :)

The second problem was readership. I'm used to fanfiction, I know the method to gain readers there. You hammer out a new chapter every day so your work stays at the top of a list, and the people interested in that fandom will eventually break down and try it. It's a tried and true method that I had used countless times in my experience as a fanfiction author, but I don't want to be just a fanfiction author. 

Not that there is anything wrong with fanfiction. Fanfiction is my lifeblood. Never enough fanfiction.  o.....o

Anywho. Wattpad is the same, but different. There is a whole lot more to wade through, and I simply can't be at the top of the list without being voted there. So, with that in mind, I'm catering my next couple of months to contests. 

I won't waste your time with the details, just click the link and check out what I've written so far! 


By the end of the hour my story count should be up to two, and hopefully I'll get a few more published in the coming weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me!