Dear patreons!

First of all: THANK YOU! Thank you for being as supportive as you've been through my absence and a heartfelt WELCOME to new faces here! 

I'm back in Germany and I haven't been idle throughout my road trip. Whenever I managed to (and had...welll...electricity) I kept reading, so expect to see my usual pace resume now! I am currently working on a variety of large reviews which will hit site soon - among these the long anticipated Akashic Mysteries, Childhood Adventures and more - after all, Halloween approaches and I need to cover some appropriately horrific material, right?

I'm currently battling the e-mail monster, which has grown to epic proportions in my absence. If everything goes according to plan, I'll have sifted through the gazillion of mails and files by the end of the day, so I can focus on writing new material for you - which is great, since frankly I'm, for the first time in quite a while, really stoked to get back to writing reviews - not only of the good stuff, but also of the more work-intense material. It may sound odd, but the trip has been a blessing for my psyche; I thrive on new experiences and seeing all I've seen has broadened my horizon and felt like a true boon to me.

Anyways, I figured (and since some of you asked) that there will be a series of Miscellaneous Musings-posts on my experiences in the states, both postive and less pleasant - there's a lot of ground to cover and rather than just rambling on here, I'll get to work instead!

One more thing: If you're eligible to prioritized reviews and haven't contacted me about them, drop me a line and I'll get on them! (If you *have* contacted me regarding these, all's well - expect to see them very soon!)

Take care and thank you so much for your support of this once-in-a-lifetime chance for me!

Endzeitgeist out.