I'm back! Also speed paint commissions are open!

Hey all! I'm back! But I will just be doing pretty limited ish artwork until my office gets fully set up (by the 11th!)  

Also ponies season 9 will be out on april 6th, which also happens to be my birthday!  So if anyone is interested in more mlp based speedpaints commissions, this final season of mlp im going to do a lot of art for the show in general again as a thanks to the show for letting me full time art! So just let me know any time for more speed paints, ill take as many as you'd like to dish out!  Please contact me at discord lumineko#0001 if you are interested!  MLP season 9 related speed paints preferred, but any MLP season related or MLP OCs I'll allow! Characters not related to MLP allowed too, but I may reject depending on what it is!


My speed paints are (All prices in USD) $40 for SFW, $50 for NSFW and the format is Character/SFW or NSFW/ Theme of up to 2 words.  

Example:  RAWRette/ SFW / Drinking Coffee

I can do up to 1 1/2 human characters, or up to 2 ponies in the same picture.

I am also testing doing up to 2 sentence descriptions instead of 2 words for +$10 in the speed paints for anyone interested in being more detailed in what they want (within reason)!

These speed paints will come as-is as 1 drawing unless I ask you specifically if I can add an exclusive patreon only version to it!

I wont draw hardcore violence, gore, scat, or other extreme fetishes!

I will do speed paints in the order received, so first come first served! To see the queue you can look here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16ZwYcxYvp_HYQ-KWbf3lJOTXadM4ZNdxDd-sxZS9AKg/edit?usp=sharing 

As for completion speed, I plan at minimum to do 1 speed paint a day, with Sundays being a day to blitz out as many of them as I can! (Up to 7 max) I will send the HQ PNG file and Public lower res version upon completion!

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