I'm back in "real" life!
Hey guys! I haven't uploaded anything for the last two weeks. Here's the reason!

Every year (since I was born) I have been volunteering for three weeks in south of Sweden - just 3 km from where I grew up - at a summer camp for 300 kids (here's the Instagram account). My parents has been working there since they were young, my brother since he was born. The camp itself were founded in 1928 and is totally unpaid for almost eveyone working there.

Every time I arrive and meet the other 40 instructors, it is like I never left. It is like meeting your other big family. For me, this is my paradise on earth. Nothing could keep me from going here. There's no TV, very few computers, and only the local newspaper (it took me two days to hear about the terrible attack in Nice). 

It is probably the most Swedish thing you could think about. Red buildings with white corners. Sun. Smiling children. Sing-alongs. 

I realized a few years ago, that the reason it feels so great, is that it is a bubble of its own. The rest of the world fades away. We have everything we need inside those borders. A big kitchen with staff are cooking three times a day. We have doctors and nurses. A sauna. A small orchestra. And most important - all the company you need.


The reason it feels so good, is that shrinks your life to a tangible size. You still have problems to solve. But instead problems like moving your stuff between apartments or buying a car, it's problems like "where can I find a hammer to put this nail up?" or "I need to find someone to referee this football game" (that's real football, America. Where you use your FEET to play. Not the one named after the size of the ball ;) ). 

We become our own little tribe.

I came back to Malmö yesterday. I feel a lot of emptiness. Empty because the 400 people that I've spent three weeks with - day and night - are gone. But also empty because my mind is clean and fresh. My new year starts today!  And it is going to be amazing. 

I have a few more insights from this camp that I will share with you the next few days. 

And a movie with me showing off my musical talents. 

And a new family member that I will show you tomorrow! <3

Thank you for being there, guys!