I'm blown away by last week -- but what did you think?
Hey all,

Just settling back in after my 4 days away and can't say how pleased I am with how well things went.

HUGE thanks to Patrick, Iyaz, Allison, Todd, Scott, Brian, Jennie, Roger, Lamarr and Len for covering the shows. I thought each team each day brought a unique and valuable perspective to the shows and topics they covered.

Special thanks go to Jennie and Roger who made the show happen every day and then iced the cake by hosting on Friday and knocking it out of the park.

One thing it made me realize as we line up the video level in our sights is that we should officially move the streaming video to the DTNS YouTube channel. That way we don't have to keep shifting people back and forth when I'm out.

But that's me. Your thoughts boss?